safety advice

Please spend a few minutes reading the safety advice we've created especially to keep all of our members safe.

Important: We will NEVER ask for your login information or password in a mail, SMS, or other type of communication that we send to you. Please notify us right away if you do get a request of this nature by sending an email to support

Videos and pictures: Be cautious while sharing movies and photographs with strangers. Blackmail is typically used by scammers once they have discovered incriminating information about their target.

discussion of outside sources: Never provide any of your private information, such as your name, email address, home address, or phone number. Do not include phone numbers, your workplace, or any other identifying information in your opening messages or profile details. If a user proposes that you continue the conversation on a social network, another online service, or over the phone, proceed with caution. Communication that takes place outside of our Service is not bingdum's responsibility. If you use our Service on a computer that belongs to someone else, do not keep passwords. Removing all the data that fraudsters may obtain and use against you is important.

first encounter: Always take safety measures to help you stay protected. We fervently urge you to:

  1. gather as much knowledge as you can about the individual you are going on a first date with
  2. Tell a friend or family member about your plans, especially your travel schedule
  3. For your first date, pick a crowded, public area; never meet in a quiet or isolated setting, and never in your house or apartment
  4. make sure you always have your phone with you and that it is well charged
  5. Especially when things don't go as planned, be autonomous and in charge of your own transportation
  6. Keep your head clear and stay away from anything that might endanger you.

Finance: Don't ever transfer money or divulge financial information, like your social security number, credit card number, or any other banking details, to anybody. Inform someone right away if they ask for money or if you suspect a fraud. Describe your suspicions to us. We wish to safeguard our users against unauthorized connections. If you have any suspicions, block the user and let us know right away. We are always grateful for our user's assistance in identifying and avoiding fraud.

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